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  1. W

    Solved Advice on choice of Linux for Lenovo laptop

    Good day all My first post so i shall try and do things correctly. Background I have been using linux for many years and although I would not put myself in the "Expert" category, I am able to find my way around linux. Current usage I have a few VPS servers based on Ubunto 20.04 and 22.04...
  2. BoringZombie

    Will installing Manjaro on my SSD and installing Parrot OS Home on my Optane H10 cause any conflicting issues?

    So I've been having some trouble on Parrot OS Home on my Lenovo Yoga C740 IdeaPad with the sound driver, but I have got it to work on Parrot OS Home from doing some research. Knowing that I do want top use Parrot still but now not as my main Linux Distro with some of the issues I face with my...
  3. BoringZombie

    Integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -65, what does this mean and should I worry about it?

    When I boot into Linux on a live usb it gives me this message: Integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -65, with some code under it. I tried to take a photo of it but it goes by too fast. I'm using a Lenovo Yoga c740 Ideapad laptop. Its bios is in uefi mode and it does not support legacy...
  4. sayanarijit

    Manjaro sound quality on Lenovo?

    Hi, I have been using IdeaPad slim 3 14' with AMD Ryzen 7. Ever since I installed Manjaro, the internal speaker volume got very low. I can't hear someone speaking without using external speakers. Is anyone facing the same issue? How do you fix/workaround this?
  5. S

    Installing Debian on a Lenovo k3011w ideatab. No dock keyboard, no touch support.

    Hello everyone. I think this might be quite simple but I googled for hours to solve it and couldn't find anything useful. I'm trying to install Debian on a Lenovo k3011w ideatab. I have made a live USB using the image "debian-live-10.4.0-i386-gnome". I have been able to boot to the installation...
  6. Kuojin

    Linux Mint 19.3. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 Laptop. Unable to get webcam or fingerprint reader working.

    Hey guys, I've been having a bit of trouble, as described in the thread title, and have been hoping someone might have some ideas on how to resolve this. Other than the problems mentioned above, the laptop works flawlessly. So, I'm wondering if Linux is just not recognizing the hardware, either...