1. L

    Won't boot knopix from external USB

    Hi all, I have a Dell Latitude E7450 and I'm attempting to boot Knoppix 8.1 from an external USB drive. I went to Setup and "Boot Sequence" but "USB Storage device" is was not listed. I clicked on "Add Boot Option" and typed in "USB Storage device" as a boot option and prioritized it at the top...
  2. K

    I can't set Knoppix 8.6 to persistence

    Hello. I've been using Linux for years but I still consider my computing skills rudimentary so I need some help here. My computer is currently lacking a hard disk and I thought it was not usable until I read about Knoppix - a Debian-based live Linux distro designed to function entirely on...
  3. hmazuji

    angry at the whole computing industry

    i am using knoppix because the only browsers i can get with xp are four years old, and they don't work. my amethyst m (pavilion) motherboard knows i have 4gb memory installed, but only accesses 2815mb of them. i am not using win 10. so now i am really angry that i've had to spend an hour of...
  4. C

    Grub loader on ufei machine

    Hi, i bought a windows 10 hp 15-bw033wm touchscreen a12 to multi boot with kali and possibly knoppix as a diagnostic machine, however i cannot rearrange my boot loader, i was wondering if there was a way to i have not thoight of, or doni have to install grub on the windows management ufei drive...