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  1. lymphor

    Solved GIMP - Some GMIC filters don't work

    Hello everybody :) I'm using GIMP 2.10.30 on Ubuntu 22.04. I recently also installed GMIC 3.2.6 from here: https://gmic.eu/download.html (I downloaded the stable version and copied it in both folders of plug-ins of GIMP). My problem is that when I try to use certain filters, like Brushify for...
  2. T

    What would you use to make a business card in Linux?

    Before i start studying Gimp to make a business card (!)... is there an easier software that you have used for this purpose? Cheers
  3. T

    Problem installing GIMP in Fedora 31 (virtual machine)

    Hi, today I decided to install in a virtual machine Fedora 31 for the first time. After I installed some programs, I decided to install GIMP, running in the terminal the command sudo dnf install gimp. Everything seemed normal, but when the installation process was close to the end, this...