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    Solved Laptop keeps freezing

    A problem is that laptop keeps freezing. Usually it happens when the google chrome (or brave or firefox) browser is opened and I don't do anything (I am not touching the laptop). It has never happened while I was using the laptop (typing or using touchpad). By freezing I mean it stops...
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    After perfect install, display issues at login & other strange issues, 21.1 Mate

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll post my issues link from the Mint forums. Really hoping to solve this asap as medical issues are also looming. Basically, everything went perfectly until launching firewall froze things. I didn't bother worrying and took the tower back to the owner where it...
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    Solved LibreWolf Keeps Glitching, Freezing, and Crashing

    I'm currently running Mint XFCE 21.1 and LW 111. Sometimes when I close a tab, it will hang there and become unresponsive. Other times, like on Bowflex's website for example, the browser will suddenly freeze and close itself. I've tried restarting it, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling...
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    Urgent help needed for strange system freezing issue

    Hi again, I am having very strange system freezing issues. I post similar issue "about help me to find what eats my CPU" titled post. In there, I tought that mem and swap was the problem. After several days of using system profiler I noticed that problem is not related with memory. Since I have...
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    My computer freezes randomly.

    I have an EVOO-EVC156-1 laptop. Every time I boot on arch, the system just freezes at random times and ignores all input, which consequently leads to me having to perform a force shutdown. If when the freeze occurs audio is playing, the second or so of the audio, before freeze, keeps repeating...
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    Computer Freezing

    Hi all, I am relatively new to linux. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a home PC. I have recently found that my PC has been locking up causing a range of problems including virtual drives to unmount. I'm reasonably confident that it isn't a system resources issue. When all services are running...
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    Every kernel after 4.17 freezes on my machine.

    Already tried all I could but the screen still freezes. I'm hoping for a beautiful altruistic soul to unfreeze my PC. my other posts about this: thread reddit thread
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    Problems reconnecting to samba shares

    Hello guys and girls, i have a following beginner problem: I have 2 machines both running Linux, one is my main machine, the other one is used for storage, downloading, etc. I have multiiple samba shares on this machine. And the machine is NOT always on - i suspend it when i don't need it. On...