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Problems reconnecting to samba shares


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Hello guys and girls, i have a following beginner problem:

I have 2 machines both running Linux, one is my main machine, the other one is used for storage, downloading, etc. I have multiiple samba shares on this machine. And the machine is NOT always on - i suspend it when i don't need it. On my main machine I have those samba shares mounted via fstab at boot.

The main problem is this:
A lot of the times after i put the second machine through the motions (sometimes running, other times suspended) the shares are not mounted on the first main machine (when the second machine is running ofcourse) and the aplication i tried to connect to them (Nemo, SMPlayer,...) freezes completely and needs to be killed.

Are there switches i need to use when mounting via fstab that:
- specifies the timeout and retries so my whole machine does not lock up if i accidentally try to access those mounts when the second machine is off,
- tries to remount the samba shares if that happens.

Or there is some other solution to this?

The entries in my fstab currently look like this:

//IP/ShareName /mnt/Folder1 cifs username=xxxxxxx,password=xxxxxx,x-systemd.automount 0 0

I didn't have the same problem with windows reconecting to those shares (one in a while the problem apparead - about once evey 3 months and puting windows machine to sleep and resuming again solved it).


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G'day @Yodl007 and welcome to linux.org :)

I do not use Samba myself, so cannot answer your question, but I am moving this Thread (with a re-direct) to General Server, where it may attract more qualified answers.

Good luck

Chris Turner

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