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    low disk space on filesystem root in linux

    hello i got this message: "low disk space on filesystem root", and cant find what is taking all the space... I'm pretty new to Linux, would love your help. I attach the output of 'df -h'. thank you.
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    [SOLVED} Low disk space on “Filesystem root”, 0 bites remaining

    Hi everyone! I have problems regarding my disk space. It says I have 0% free space left and I don't have any "big" files so I don't know what filled up so much space. My laptop is Acer Aspire E 15 and Linux distro is Ubuntu 20.04 Results of df -h command show this: I could really use some...
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    Low disk space on “Filesystem root” 500 megabytes disk remaining

    Hello everyone, I am struggling against disk space, regarding root location. Seems like I have reached almost 100% usage, and cannot find a way to regain space. Though, I have installed ubuntu 20.04 just 14 days ago and assigned 20gb of root space. When I do df -h, it gives following...
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    Low disk space on “Filesystem root”, partitans & .Private Used

    Months ago I created partitions, installed Mint, fiddled with the partitans more and had issues such as: having a small partition which I couldn't shrink or move into another because of proximity, some how I set up encryption, when logging into the original solo boot of Windows I elected to...