1. R

    Linux is not booting & going into Grub> prompt. How do i reinstall linux kernel?

    Hi guys. My Fedora 38 is not booting and going into Grub> prompt. This happened after i tried to make timeshift work with btrfs files system. I think i tried unmount and it failed. I also deleted some POPos partition completely. After that it didn't boot. Not sure which step caused this freak...
  2. H

    Can't install Linux, Error: "AMD-Vi: Completion-Wait loop timed out"

    Hey there. So I've been trying to install Ubuntu (full blown linux-noob, but I installed Ubuntu 1 month ago on a notebook without problems and sometimes use tails) yesterday which didn't really work out and today I tried to install Artix instead. Which had similar problems. All I found out...
  3. Nemesis

    Cron runs a non-existing variant of . sh script

    I've been encountered a strange phenomena. I've been messing with Cron, so it runs a script called, which it does. First I wrote the script to send an email, but later I rewrote it to send a message instead. However, when restarting the server, nothing happened. Then I checked the...