1. Lx_pollywog

    Newbee Veracrypt: making sure i can re-open older files.

    Wanna make sure i can de-crypt veracrypt files ...in the distant future, for example crypto codes etc. As a newbee i guarantee you there's often bad surprises. Things working in one distro but not another, in one pc & not another, Kernels specific things & stuff that flies over a newbee's head...
  2. A

    Dual Boot Encryption | Best route to follow?

    Hey guys, I have a Dual Boot Manjaro/Windows 10 install on a Laptop. I disabled Bitlocker on Windows 10 as advised. Is there a way to encrypt the whole drive with an Open Source encryption solution, and get the pin/password prompt before i get the GRUB Boot GUI to choose which OS i want to...
  3. J

    File recovery from ecryptfs encrypted partition

    I recently had a massive hardware failure on my primary SSD drive. Using safecopy, I made an image of the /home partition, which was encrypted with ecryptfs. I get errors when attempting to mount the .ISO image, related to bad blocks which are present. Currently running scalpel in an attempt...
  4. A

    How to encyrpt files in linux with certificate

    Simply: I use efs to encrypt my files in windows, i want the same in linux without luks because luks encyrpts the partition and asks for password on system login, i want the encyrption with certificate without prompt password.
  5. L

    Format partition as ext4 and setting overhead to 0%

    Need to format an external hard drive partition. It's not a system drive/partition so no system log files will be written to it. (who uses an external hard drive to write system log files anyway?) By default when you format a partition as ext4, the system reserves 5% of the disk space. So, only...
  6. L

    Problems with WPA/WPA2 encryption with tools like airodump-ng

    Hi, I am new here and I hope this is the right place for this thread. I just started to play around with Kali-Linux and its WiFi tools. So I took two wireless routers, I had at home and started playing around with tools like airodump-ng, wifite, airgeddon. I use an Alfa AR9271 as wireless...
  7. U

    second encrypted and mounted operating system

    Good day all I am currently working on a project where the goal is to have a second operating system (Kali Linux) encrypted and mountable/unmountable on a Ubuntu system. All work must be kept on the encrypted partition and nothing can be installed or held on the Ubuntu operating system. There...
  8. G

    Unable to mount External Encrypted Hard Drive(256-bit AES)

    Hello guys. I recently installed the Ubuntu 18.04 lts, and I'm trying to mount an external Hard Drive of 500 Gb encrypted with 256-bit AES. After a lot of research and tries(...,cryptsetup), I wasn't able to do it. I know Ubuntu can detect the external Hard Drive... https://imgur.com/a/5YaaU2q...
  9. O

    Encrypt file system without interaction on boot

    I want to encrypt kali in such a way that it is protected, but you also do not have to enter a password when you boot the computer. I know this is possible on Windows with the TPM chip. I am wondering if there is a similar way of doing this for Kali?
  10. O

    Using PTT (firmware version of TPM) for encryption

    I want to encrypt my file system and boot without any interaction (without having to enter a password). I know you can do this through a TPM (as shown by these tutorials: http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/linux-tpm-encryption/) but I am not sure how to do this with a PTT (Intel's firmware...