1. super_user_do

    Discord PTT not working on Wayland

    Hello everybody :) I've switched to Fedora and everything works fine but it looks like the Discord PTT (Push-To-Talk) doesnt work on Wayland. How can I fix this problem? Is there any solution or workaround out there? Thank you in advance!
  2. bec2

    Discord links no longer work after upgrading to Fedora 34 [SOLVED]

    Ever since I upgraded to 34, I have been unable to open any links I click on in the Discord desktop application. I'm installing it completely normally from the tar.gz on their website (the only available official method other than repackaging the deb). I'm using the default GNOME 40 and Wayland...
  3. K

    Discord Crashed.

    Hello there, Since last night, I am unable to use discord, and keeps on displaying this message "WELL, THIS IS AWKWARD Looks like Discord has crashed unexpectedly..." If anybody knows how can I fix this issue then revert me back.
  4. D

    Trouble with audio when screen sharing

    Hey guys, On Discord when I try screen sharing the person who watch has trouble hearing the audio (Not my voice but the audio from the screen share). Sometimes everything is OK sometimes the audio disappears and comes back later without me touching anything. I've tried searching for alternatives...
  5. H

    Hey staff, i got a question.

    hi, i was wondering if i am allowed to set up an Official Linux discord server for u guys? And if your interested i could send u an invite to the server. it could also redirect to support and forums in this website. i can make you guys administrators and/or make you or your boss the owner?