Trouble with audio when screen sharing


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Hey guys,
On Discord when I try screen sharing the person who watch has trouble hearing the audio (Not my voice but the audio from the screen share). Sometimes everything is OK sometimes the audio disappears and comes back later without me touching anything. I've tried searching for alternatives for screen sharing but all of them had no audio coming from my laptop. On windows everything was fine. I'm using the newest Feren OS. I have Nvidia GPU.
Another problem that I face is that whenever I connect another monitor through HDMI port, my pulseaudio doesn't update and do not recognize the audio from HDMI until I restart my pulseaudio with -k.
What could be the solution especially to the first problem?
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G'day @davidlife52 and welcome to :)

I am not the man to answer your questions but for the benefit of prospective helpers - FerenOS is pretty much a clone of Linux Mint, so Mint solutions may work.

Good luck

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