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    How can i find some special code in linux kernel ?

    I posted this question on this forum and now I repost it here in hopes of getting a quick solution. due to my low english proficiency,please don’t be surprised if there are any strange expressions. I'm trying to develop a driver for a device like this to solve some of the device's problems...
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    Solved Screen Tearing Issue on Lenovo X200 Laptop

    I'm running Linux Mint 21 XFCE, and I've recently noticed quite a bit of screen tearing when using many of my programs. I tried RTFL which produced no results, then I tried searching for an answer online, and from what I found in this Mint forum post...
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    Linux major and minor number in device file

    Who is in charge to decide what is the minor number?Is it driver? If i have for instace: -device file x with 8 major number and 2 minor number -device file y with 6 major number and 2 minor number My question is :Are 2 device files referring to the same device? Is minor number unique for the system?
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    Linux device interaction

    In Linux, is it possible for an application interacts with hardware device( for instance: camera) without using /dev/* device file?So I mean is possible to use hardware device without making or “using” /dev/* device file?
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    Frustrated with Virtualbox Error (rc-1908)

    I've been trying to solve this problem for days now. When I try to launch my Virtual Machine in Virtualbox 6.0 I get an error message: Failed to open a session for the virtual machine llllele. The virtual machine 'llllele' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1)...
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    Regarding Linux Block Device Driver

    Hi all, I want to study about Linux block device driver can anyone please suggest me a book or any reference. So, I can understand better block devices on Linux. Thanks, Paddy.
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    Does a Nvidia MX250 cause any driver headaches with Ubuntu?

    I’m planning on buying a new laptop. Wanted to make sure if MX150 causes any problems with Linux.
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    Hello there, my name is George, I am 19 years old and I study Informatics and Computer Engineering. I use Linux for almost a year (Ubuntu) and I recently decided to join this forum (I know, a bit late). The reason though(apart from talking about Linux) is because I am really interested in Kernel...