debian linux

  1. ayrton_satar

    Problems starting the debian system after performing system update

    Hello! I'm not very experienced in Linux but I used mint and recently I migrated to debian 11. I have the following problem: after performing the system update I noticed a difference in the system letters as if I was not recognizing special characters at first I found it strange so I restarted...
  2. ashraf24

    Is there any issue with Wordpress on Debian 10? Wordpress keep hanging.

    Hello there friends, I am an Energy engineer and a developer. I usually work with Java, C++, PHP, and CSS to develop websites, or work with themes to design websites like glintylab or aquamacho which are my latest projects. I know for sure my hosting is also fast. I don't know why I get a pop...
  3. B

    Debian Linux

    Hi all, I am new to Linux but have experience in computers mainly with Windows OS. I am very much interested in Debian Linux. Could anyone tell me whether Debian is easy for a beginner level Linux user? Also wanted to know that whether games are available in Linux, especially with Debian...