debian 11

  1. Terminal Velocity

    Installing and configuring Brave browser on Debian 11

    I Followed the instructions of @Condobloke on this post: (I trust you on that) And now I have Brave installed and running. The results of ''Cover Your Tracks'' tool with default brave are way...
  2. W

    Install Steam on AntiX Linux

    Hello everyone! Several months ago I installed AntiX Linux Base on an old laptop that I have but when I want to install Steam I get the following messages, I hope you can help me please, I already checked by commands and via Sinaptyc but no broken package was found, it won't let me install...
  3. W

    Can't activate Bluetooth

    Hey there, I am using Debian 11 (as stated below) on a ASUS A75V Laptop. I have installed Debian on dual-boot besides Windows 10 a few months ago. Using Windows, I am able to activate the Bluetooth port for connecting e.g. with external speakers. However, this is not possible with Debian...
  4. B

    Modify netinstaller to install basic system

    Hello, I am a student and I am working on a personal project. I should modify the debian netinstaller iso to not download from the mirror but instead automatically proceed with all packages and configurations it has and install a very basic system. It shouldn't ask the user for a mirror...
  5. ljhwild

    Podman / Docker on Debian Edu - can I set up containers with dedicated network interfaces?

    Dear Community As it's my first post, hello everyone and thanks for having me. I'm an beginner/intermediate Linux user and I'm working on a project that requires me to launch 4 containers, but they need to be seen by the WIFI router as separate machines. I've got usb 4 wlan interfaces and I...
  6. M

    Debian KDE errors

    Hello everyone i just installed debian KDE Plasma and this errors appears at every booting & WiFi isnt working
  7. G

    Fancontrol under Debian 11

    Hello everyone, I need some serious help since its been 1 week of failure trying to make my fans controllable on my Debian 11. My laptop: Acer Nitro 517-51 Sensors-detect only detects this part including fans: nouveau-pci-0100 Adapter: PCI adapter fan1: N/A temp1: N/A...
  8. U

    The microphone does not record the first second of speech.

    My microphone does not record the first second of speech. When I try to record a voice message, I don't hear the first few words and then the recording goes fine. It happens about once in ten times. Are there any ways to fix this? I am using Debian 11 and pulseaudio 16.1.