1. deminart

    Solved Mail does not go to an external address

    I apologize in advance for my language, it is not native) Colleagues, please help with the problem. There is a domain mail on Yandex, conventionally denoted by the name With the same name internal domain. Raised the mail server Debian 11, postfix 3.5.18 at the second...
  2. One

    Required files to he present in /lib/firmware/amdgpu

    There are similar questions that i had already searched but unfortunately couldn't get what I'm searching for. I'm using kali linux 2021.1 in a lenova ideapad with ryzen 3. Having some .bin files(below) in the above said directory bonnaire* carrizo* fiji* green_sardine* hainan* hawaii*...
  3. M

    Debain based distros don't show up as boot options

    So recently I've tried switching from Manjaro to Parrot OS. I have an ssd and a hard disk, I have windows 10 installed on the ssd and linux on the hard disk. I've tried both auto and manual partitioning, installing without the windows ssd plugged in and using legacy+uefi instead of just uefi but...
  4. mizzi_k

    What Debian Is Best Option For Beginners In 2020!!!

    Actually ! I Am Using Ubuntu,Kali,Zorin And PARROT OS On Different Computers. Actually The Best Alternative For Kali Linux Is Parrot Os. And Its Kinda Amazing Now In 2020. The GUI Is Amazing, And The Applications Management Is Great. The Problems Within The Terminal Like Snap Or Apt And Other...