1. SpongebobFan1994

    Tim Berners-Lee is Working to Re-Decentralize the Web

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well! :) As you know, the modern web has gradually become a tool of control by the Powers That Be, and the man who invented the original web has had concerns about that happening since day one. Now he's finally doing something about it by developing a...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    How to mature your main Linux installation

    I am going to start a new installation and I know there is tons of mistakes that will hunt you in the past. But I want this installation to be able to grow old. without any dependency problems and without me searching trough some small *ss picture preview. AND how would an effective Filetree...
  3. D

    Does Linux Lite collect any personal information by default?

    I have installed the latest version of Linux Lite on my lenovo G50 laptop. Recently, I have been concerned about the way various linux distros are collecting a substantial amount of personal information from linux users around the world. And in a lot of linux distros, there isn’t a...