How to mature your main Linux installation


Oct 24, 2021
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I am going to start a new installation and I know there is tons of mistakes that will hunt you in the past. But I want this installation to be able to grow old. without any dependency problems and without me searching trough some small *ss picture preview. AND how would an effective Filetree look like

  1. do i really need full disc encryption on a desktop?
  2. seperate /home - yes or no (remember flatpak and snap with it's dependencies)
  3. ext4, xfs, zfs, btrfs
  4. LFM / Luks
Sorting Files

All my files are spread across my devices, since I have reinstalled very often and they now lie around my /backups/merge/{oldhomes} I usually have to dig around my backups to find stuff and sometimes there is a 'Seafile' folder and on another install it is a 'seaf-data' folder.

For the Images I had this in mind:
  1. IMG_xxxxx.png Smartphone pictures
  2. Old Camera pictures
  3. Screenshots - Linux
  4. Memes / Reaction - linux
It's quite okayish, For Videos: (still have to resort language en - and native)
  1. Movies
  2. TV-Shows
  3. Anime
  4. Music Videos
  5. Meme Material
  6. HowTo's
  7. Documentaries
  8. Prontube
Music I have done sorted - artist - album - songs

Where/How do you store your PDFs
  1. Personal contracts
  2. Manuals
  3. howtos
  1. your own git
  2. foreign git
  3. iso
  4. scripts
  5. bin
  6. easy2boot
  7. nginx-reverse-conf
  8. Windows

  1. Git
  2. stow
  1. Technical
  2. Fiction

Naming Files

Naming files is as important as Sorting them. What are your naming shemes?


also Do you ever delete your /downloads or do you fear of losing something of value? Where do you draw the line between worth keeping and trash?

Syncing files

I have
  1. seafile
  2. onedrive
  4. SSHFS External 8TB
3) is completly full 4) has 1,3TB left

If you would use your PC for private usage and let's say small business. would a split with 2 different user accounts be worth? One for work and one for private stuff. If Yes, you'd probably have to resort your Software / PDF folder / scripts and backups. Would you create a seperate work/backup/private SSHFS on you NAS?

I want to Build my Debian with an intelligent structure in mind. to keep things seperated for easy access and without much trouble - organized

How does handle it's beloved data?
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