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    how to connect ethernet wifi using VLAN

    Scenario:I have a cups server running on VM which is connected via ethernet so the devices which are connected with ethernet can find the printer. The devices which are connected with WIFI can not see the printer because ethernet( and WIFI(10.54.252.x/23) are on different network. I...
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    LDAP configuration on client

    how to do LDAP configuration on user side ? CentOS8
  3. J

    Kyocera ECOSYS M2640idw print 4 times instead of 1 using cups+raspberrypi

    I installed an ecosys printer M2640idw on a raspberry pi (raspbian 10) using the PPD provided by the manufacturer, but when I send one copy it prints four copies. I also tried a generic ppd (Generic PCL 6/PCL XL) and it does the same thing. I attach the PPD and the cups error_log. PPD...
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    Printer only prints a white page

    I installed arch linux a few weeks ago, and i didnt have any trouble with it. But a few days ago i getting a printer (Brother DCP-1602) and it works fine. But in the moment of connect it to the PC i cant print anything. Neither from the terminal nor libreoffice. Before that i didnt have the...
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    CUPS, job owner, 32 character limit

    Hi, I'm using a cups server 2.3.3 as a "print-proxy" between Chromebook/box clients and a SafeQ print server. It looks like this: Chrome client -->ipps port 631-->CUPS server-->lpd port 515-->SafeQ On the CUPS server, job owner looks fine, e.g. [email protected] On the SafeQ...
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    does not recognize the command lppasswd -a username

    hello I want to install a ticket printer on linux. I want to do it from the cups page: http: // localhost: 631 / admin. But it won't let me log in with the root username and password. I have seen that it can be modified with: lppasswd -a username. But when executing the order it does not...
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    CUPS forward to windows print server

    Hello All! I am new to linux but have a need I believe to spin up a linux VM and install CUPS. The purpose of this is to put this server in our DMZ and then have it forward print requests to our windows print servers on the LAN. I need to know for sure this will work as I'm not that familiar...
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    Unsupported PDF data for Direct Print :1000

    While printing a PDF (CUPS printing in Linux server using command lpr -P <filename>) i get a paper printed with the following data : "Unsupported PDF data for Direct Print :1000". When tried in Windows, it got printed without any issues. Could anyone please help in finding a solution for this ?
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    Konica Minolta bizhub C224e, CUPS, Account Track, IPP configuration

    I'm trying to configure my printer bizhub C224e to work with CUPS while Account Track is enabled. 1) I've added the printer to CUPS via IPP connection, used the official PPD files provided by the manufacturer 2) The issue is with the printer's Account Track feature - I need to send my...
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    Cloud printer on Linux

    Hi guys .. so I'm experienced in Windows but sorta new to Linux ... I've taken on a project this year to replace any machine in my sphere of influence that is running Windows with Linux. The first thing I need to target are the two older desktops that run Windows for the primary purpose of...