Konica Minolta bizhub C224e, CUPS, Account Track, IPP configuration


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Mar 20, 2019
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I'm trying to configure my printer bizhub C224e to work with CUPS while Account Track is enabled.

1) I've added the printer to CUPS via IPP connection, used the official PPD files provided by the manufacturer
2) The issue is with the printer's Account Track feature - I need to send my credentials (PIN) with the print jobs, but I have no idea how to configure CUPS to do it.
3) Currently the printer accepts my print jobs, but they end up canceled, because the credentials are not passed correctly.

Any Ideas how to configure it properly?

Hello everyone,

I'm having the same problem, I downloaded the drivers from Konica's website, installed it, I can send printing but nothing comes out from the printer.

Checking the printing register in the printer says it received the task but the printer denied it because of authentication issues.

I have configured CUPS to ask for the user name and password but it never asks for them. I've configured the system-config-printer GUI with the user name and password but the printer says the same, but there are other computers with Windows 10 and they don't have any troubles.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks in advance
Greetings fellow Mac printers!

I also am working on this issue. Thru a little trial and error it seems to be regulated to Macs running 10.14 for sure, possibly 10.13 and only thru Apple applications, ie Safari, Preview etc. The problem seems to be the Apple apps blocking the drivers ability to launch the pop-up window to request the account code. My users say this happens as expected in Acrobat and other 3rd party apps. I am currently installing a 10.14 VM on my mac to attempt upgrading cups from 2.2.9 to the most current beta 2.3rc1 for testing. If anyone else has any insights or revelations, I would be glad to hear them.

Yes, these are all mac's. My user base is mixed and I have not received any errors from users on OS 10.12 and below. OS 10.14 is definitely in the problem group. They state that after checking "use authentication" and clicking print, the pop up window requesting the pin or password doesnt show up. This window behaves as expected in windows and lower Mac OS versions

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