1. D

    CPU not turboing to PL2.

    I have an i5 10210U, whos PL1 is 15 watts and PL2 is 30 watts. Whenever I put any load, the max it will go is 15 watts and not more than that. I changed the CPU governor thing from power saver to performance but that only changes the max idle clock speed and not the turbo power. I am on Debian...
  2. jeremyy44

    CPU Thermal Throttling only under Linux

    Hi, So recently I have been encountering a problem. Basicly my cpu keeps thermal throttling but only under Linux. I have a I5-9600k and a Nzxt Kraken as a AIO Im on Kubuntu 21.04 To stress my cpu im using s-tui with the defaults settings. Basicly as soon as I start stressing my cpu goes up to...
  3. B

    Need a linux distro which we can limit cpu frequency on panel

    hi everyone, Is there any linux distro that can do what I mentioned in the title? I tried cputool and cpufreq but not working plz dont talk about that.
  4. Jayaguru-Shishya

    FOSS / FOSH friendliness — Intel or AMD?

    In a nutshell: When it comes to the FOSS / FOSH friendliness, should one prefer Intel over AMD, or vice versa? Which is the way to go considering the degrees of freedom in hardware? Sorry for the inconvenience, I am still a novice on Linux and at the moment, buying my first pre-installed Linux...
  5. B

    Sending info to mysql db

    Hello, I want to make a script that monitorizes the cpu utilization and sends that data to a mysql database. I have two VMs made with ORACLE, they both can comunicate with eachother, I made a script using the top command on VM1 and on the VM2 I have installed myqsl server. I only found how to...
  6. B

    Clock cpu limited i7700hq on lenovo y520

    I have a lenovo Y520-15IKBN laptop, with an I7700-HQ cpu, with a base clock of 2.80 Ghz up to 3.80 Ghz in turbo boost mode, I use archlinux, but changing the distro the situation does not change. The CPU never reaches the maximum clock, at maximum 3.6 Ghz, not even in single core, (tested with...
  7. G

    Releasing an old version of my OoO CPU as GPL

    I've started a project on kickstarter to release an old version of my incomplete CPU project called heptane. The current version is 9-wide issue, while the old one is 6-wide. It has a working integer backend and branch predictor. It has out-of-order execution. search heptane cpu old version