1. Shmu26

    Conky stopped working after update

    After updating from Kubuntu 20.04 to Kubuntu 20.10, Conky stopped working. Maybe someone can walk me through the steps to fix it -- which files need to be fixed, where to find them, and how to fix them.
  2. archiman.ch5

    How to fix Conky's Ram and Storage Reading :(

  3. CptCharis

    Conky during Startup

    Hello guys!!! I just download and config conky. Everything went perfect but I would like conky to start up during booting. The only way I found in web is throw GUI, add conky at start up apps. I did it and conky appears for some seconds and then disappear!!! I can see with "top" command that is...
  4. B

    hddtemp always displays 50c in conky - Stretch - Mate

    I have a DELL e6330 Lattitude with a 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD. When I first installed the SSD, hddtemp would not display anything in the conky window. To troubleshoot, I ran hddtemp /dev/sda from the command line. It stated that it could not find a temperature sensor. Then I checked the web...