1. B

    [SOLVED] "Command not found" unless I export its path

    Hi. I'm using Linux. I navigate to the directory where the command is, and I call it. I get the "Command not found error". If I export its path, I can call the command with no problems. ¿Why doesn't it work if I'm located in the exact directory? Thanks!
  2. D

    Is there a way to store long commands in an env variable?

    I want to simply run the long command below. docker ps -a --format "table {{.Images}}\t{{.Ports}}" export view='docker ps -a --format "table {{.Images}}\t{{.Ports}}"' echo $view result But When I run the real variable, I get an error $view Result end Error code "docker ps" accepts...
  3. T

    Batch file, Command not working

    Hi together... I've a Problem to execute some Commands from a Batch File. #!/bin/bash clear; echo; echo; sleep 0.25; DOMAIN="$1"; TYPE="selfsigned" PATH="./traefik/data/certificates"; if ! [ -z "$DOMAIN" ]; then echo "Create private Server Key and Certificate Request..."...
  4. R

    Help finding specific words in a file

    Hey im trying to see if the 'passwd' file contains the word "root" how can this be done? Many thanks in advance!
  5. J

    Need help getting WiFi set up

    I've successfully installed Mint 20.2 Cinnamon on an old Dell OptiPlex 780, and I'm trying to get a WiFi plug-in working since it doesn't have an integrated antenna. Now, on some of my machines (running various Windows OSes), it was plug and play while others I've had to manually install the...
  6. L

    Hello! I'd like to contribute

    Hello, I'm new to this site. I did register mounths ago but begin to use the account now. I have some backend programming knowledge, I also made a new command and would like to contribute it to get it improved by more beginners like me.
  7. D

    [xargs]How to use 'xargs' command?

    Hello, First of all, sorry for such a silly question, but i really did not understood that what does 'xargs' command do! Already Read: 'man xargs', Thanking you...
  8. J

    Shell Script

    I need to create a variable script that uses the "find" utility to search the home directory for files. Example; (./ data) The search also needs to be case-insensitive. The results should look like what is in the attachment.
  9. J

    Linux Script Command Help

    I need the correct commands for "adding a blank line after my previous commands output" and "displaying a message on screen indicating the script is done running. For adding a blank line I've tried "echo" after the command but it doesn't work.
  10. learntechtutorials

    How To Fix Sudo Command Not Found in Debian

    sudo command isn’t included in Debian by default. That’s why you get the error message saying “-bash: sudo: command not found”. In this article you can learn how to fix sudo command not found in Debian.
  11. mohit tomar

    Recovering deleted files, if possible.

    Hello, I was working with some obsolete xls/xlsx files and at the same time learning to work with commands. As I'm a beginner with linux. However what I discovered is that mv command should be used with utmost care as what seemed to me is that it is as dangerous as rm command. So following is...
  12. I

    smbclient to send cmd command from linux to windows

    Goodmorning, I need to send some cmd command from linux to windows 7. Until now I use the following command: " smbclient \\server_address -W domain -Uuser%password -c 'mkdir' " to connect to the server and create a new folder. Now I'm interesting to send a cmd command able to run program...
  13. Alboy1975

    Complete linux noobie, ordered secondhand laptop (what i need to know)

    Hi I am awaiting delivery of the below laptop, which I've picked up for £170: I have been around computers most of my...
  14. blackneos940

    Does Anyone Know How To Link A Qt Button With A Terminal Command.....? :3

    I was wondering this today, and I'm not sure how..... :\ Keep in mind that I'm still pretty new to Qt, and might need a complete File, #includes, int main(), and all..... :3 I wanna do all this from Nano, so I don't have to use Qt Creator, if possible..... :3 Thank you SO much...