1. S

    New BitLocker key id generated and not saved while in Linux! - locked out of Windows! - Plus need back Linux boot entry option!

    I had previously set up dual boot linux-windows OS two years and also had bitlocker on to encrypt windows C drive which I should not have needed to I think. All was fine that time since I had keys saved to ms account (I had set bitlocker key to save to ms) that worked! But yesterday I logged...
  2. dystope

    Trouble Dualbooting WIndows 10 and Parrot OS

    Hey guys, so I had this setup before on my previous laptop, but on my Dell XPS 9370 it is proving to be troublesome. I am trying to have the Debian-based Parrot Security 4.1 distro dualboot alongside Windows 10, and after messing with some BIOS settings (I had to turn SecureBoot off before I...