Trouble Dualbooting WIndows 10 and Parrot OS


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Jul 13, 2018
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Hey guys, so I had this setup before on my previous laptop, but on my Dell XPS 9370 it is proving to be troublesome. I am trying to have the Debian-based Parrot Security 4.1 distro dualboot alongside Windows 10, and after messing with some BIOS settings (I had to turn SecureBoot off before I could even load the liveUSB) I successfully installed Parrot OS. The trouble that I'm having now is that Windows won't boot. I have the GRUB screen option for Windows available, but when I choose it I am directed to a screen asking for my Bitlocker key. After giving it the correct key it tries to boot but throws a "inaccessible_boot_device" error.

This has been a huge headache so I'd appreciate it if any more knowledgeable members can lend a hand. I am using UEFI for both and can provide more info if necessary.

The trouble that I'm having now is that Windows won't boot.

The cheeky, Aussie side of me would say that a loss? ;)

Hi @dystope and welcome to :)

I run about 45 Linux side by side on a Toshiba Satellite and I have only just put 4.1 on a couple of days ago, after an absence of a year or more, so there are a few changes I notice.

I don't have Windows to compare with, and others will help there, but I have a few ideas.

I found it a royal PITA to get Parrot on (& I am all UEFI/GPT), and the loading of the bootloader kept falling over. I went to Parrot's site and if I may ask, did your Live Medium initial menu have a long list which ended with GTK Installer, and which option did you choose? In the end, I used the GTK and it installed fine.

If you want to go back to starters, you could remove Linux entirely, and use this as a guide

... then go with the Parrot again. If you use that article, skip the WUBI reference and start at Step 1.

Others may have some good ideas.

Good luck :)

Chris Turner

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