1. B

    Solved [SOLVED] [DNS] DIG can't resolve but HOST and NSLOOKUP can

    Hi! I have set up a bind9 local DNS with rescursion turned off. From the DNS server, if I query using DIG it returns: ;; WARNING: recursion requested but not available However, if I use HOST, it works: has address Same happens with NSLOOKUP nslookup...
  2. B

    Bind9 DNS "partially" working

    Hi, I have an strange issue with bind9 which I can't solve. I have defined my own and local domain, domain.local. In the forward resolution file I have the following entries: domain.local. IN A www IN CNAME domain.local. nslookup resolves domain.local and...
  3. L

    DNS configuration using bind9

    Hello, I am currently encountering DNS configuration issues with bind9. I have installed bind9 and made the following adjustments to the configuration files: In the "named.conf.options" file, I added a new access control list block for my trusted clients, like this: acl "trusted" {...
  4. S

    Resolution DNS domian with CNAME

    Hi everyone I did a probe to resolve my entire domian "@" with a cname to another fqdn but I got a message error. As alternative i created a type Cname with "www" without errors, someone did that configuration? Thanks for you advice
  5. S

    Issue o misslead configuration Reslucion TXT dns BIND

    Hi community I have a problen with the resolution txt dns record in bind the first record is, It's works But with the, It resolves to 2 values, I don't know why in "mx toolbox" And the config about adobe is diferrent, Here from the linux...
  6. TCRatius

    Bind9 listen-on IP Address

    According to the Debian wiki on bind9,, and in the file stated below it refers to a listen-on address. Now, as far as I can gather from what I read is that the second part of the IP Address can be anything in the range 1-xxx. So I could put 10.0.0.xx, as that is...
  7. M

    Ubuntu DNS bind9 problems

    Hi guys, I installed bind9 on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine. But I've problems with resolving local domains. Extern like works fine. Here are my configuraton files and troubleshoots i've made. Forward: $TTL 2D @ IN SOA localhost.mancina.home. root.mancina.home. (...