1. S

    could anyone help me out??

    if linux systems will not consider anything after # sign in the scirpt, then how come #!/bin/bash works?? #!/bin/bash starts with # sign it shouldn't be consider right??but if the #!/bin/bash is not included in the scirpt its not working??? explain me pls......
  2. N

    Automate scripts

    Hi i have a Ethereum node running and mining on a terminal in linux. i want to create a script that will start up the roughly 2 minutes after startup. my scripts is in the home/chainskills/private/ i want this to be executed after startup. I have barely any knowledge of...
  3. Alboy1975

    Complete linux noobie, ordered secondhand laptop (what i need to know)

    Hi I am awaiting delivery of the below laptop, which I've picked up for £170: I have been around computers most of my...
  4. blackneos940

    Does Anyone Know How To Link A Qt Button With A Terminal Command.....? :3

    I was wondering this today, and I'm not sure how..... :\ Keep in mind that I'm still pretty new to Qt, and might need a complete File, #includes, int main(), and all..... :3 I wanna do all this from Nano, so I don't have to use Qt Creator, if possible..... :3 Thank you SO much...
  5. Rob

    Learning go lang

    So, Im pretty profficient in bash scripting.. my plan was to merge into python, then maybe go... Or do you think I could jump right into go from bash? Any pointers in learning to code in go?
  6. LordTrell

    beginner bash writing

    Hello! i am new to bash, need assistance with a script for some assignment:... A shell script to list out the contents of any directory, and indicate for each file (including invisible ones) whether the file is a directory, a plain file, and permissions such as executable ect i can list out...
  7. iridakos

    goto - a bash utility to navigate to aliased directories

    Hello everybody, I published a bash utility named goto. The tool allows users to navigate to directories using an alias that was previously explicitly defined. Its best feature is the autocomplete functionality making navigation pretty fast. Example A user may register a directory with...
  8. JasKinasis

    note v1.0 released today!

    Hey all. After this conversation the other day, I finally got around to cleaning up, documenting and releasing my note-management application. 'note' is a very simple application written in shell-script. It's a personal, pet-project I've been developing and using at home and at work for a...
  9. iridakos

    Creating a bash completion script

    Hello everybody, I just published a tutorial for creating bash completion scripts. Link: Thanks, Lazarus
  10. Rob

    What shell do you use?

    I stick with bash as I'm in various servers throughout the day and know it's installed and identical to my default install(s). If I worked on just a few servers, i'd probably look into other shells. You?
  11. S

    Preventing .bash_history to be excuted inadvertantly

    I stumbled upon the worst line i've ever type: [[email protected]]> . .bash_history Should'nt there be some kind of protection for that file not to be confused with .bashrc ? by chance, i quickly hit Ctrl-C and verify i had not break anything. Any historical command that points by full path is...
  12. F

    How change path autostart in console

    My console start /home/kk I wrote script bash #!/bin/bash/ cd /C/Users/kk/Desktop but nothing happens, Why?