1. smooth_buddha

    How to save config files and settings to github, How is it done?

    Hey guys i have a github account and been customizing my Arch and Arco linux, but what im not sure of is how to back up my settings and configs, like which files i should back up. For a while ive kept installing and re-configing which is not efficient and eats up much time! Is it the .config...
  2. smooth_buddha

    If your new to Arch linux you should check out ARCO LINUX, a distro designed to teach and master linux!

    cam across this awesome website and distro Arco Linux has awesome website which has a "learning path" which different phases to learn all about linux by gradually learning how to use all the different fascets that build up your linux distro It looks great, anybody new to linux or Arch linux...
  3. F

    Can't install any linux distro on Lenovo Ideapad 515ITL05

    I can't install any linux distro on my laptop. I've tried Arcolinux, Manjaro and Endeavouros, with and without swap, but I always get the same error on boot: Starting version 246.3-1-arch ERROR: device 'UUID=fd2....924' not found. Skipping fsck. mount: /new_root: can't find UUID=fd2....924. You...