1. J

    Sound not working on any Linux distro with Zenbook 14 OLED

    Hello, I recently bought an Asus Zenbook 14 OLED (UX3402ZA) and the speakers are not working at all on any Linux distribution. I've tried openSUSE, Ubuntu (I'm currently running it), Fedora KDE but no dice. Here's some info about my system: uname -a: Linux zenbook 5.15.0-41-generic #44-Ubuntu...
  2. C

    Microphone not working ZenBook Pro Duo UX582LR

    I'm new to Linux and recently bought a ZenBook Pro Duo UX582LR. I'm running Zorin OS 16 Pro and having audio issues. The audio appears to be working. In settings you can see feedback from output meter and the input meter on the microphone but can't hear anything on the speakers. I found this...
  3. N

    ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA keyboard not respond during cold boot

    Hello, I have ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425UA (Ryzen 5 5500U + 16GB RAM version), but builtin keyboard doesn't work in both GDM and Gnome session (both X11 and Wayland) after cold power on, but works properly after reboot. GRUB menu works properly all the time. During problematic boots I see "Can't read...
  4. hanser30

    Installing on Asus Zenbook Flip 15

    Hey guys, I just bought a UX564EI.303 from Asus, I am hoping that I can run Fedora 33 on the thing. Had a lot of issues installing Ubuntu (Graphics Driver Issues) so I am running to fedora instead. Same issues on the fedora install not loading the drivers. Would love to know if you guys could...