1. A

    About Remote Desktop Share Screen

    Based on the existing remote desktop software, I want to realize that when remote to a local user, it is a virtual desktop environment. The local operation is irrelevant and does not affect the operation of the virtual desktop. When another user is connected, the former user will be squeezed...
  2. A

    Xserver and Java on boot/startup

    Hello, I am creating a custom graphic interface with Java (Swing) and trying to start it on boot. Machine: Raspberry Pi 4 OS: Raspbian OS Lite Xserver has been installed, as well the Java environment. All run smooth when, after the user login (automatic), I type the following commands: >...
  3. H

    Install a docker interface xfce

    Hello! I am new to Linux, and i need to create / install a docker which can launch an interface xfce linked to my linux folder (for example to launch an Python IDE). Problem : i don't know how to do at all. I installed docker, and alors x11docker/xfce, but this is what i got as answer. xorg...
  4. bonkmaykr

    KDE Compositor is driving me insane

    I'm sure alot of you fellow Plasma users are already aware, but KDE has a bit of a problem. The compsitor is buggy as all hell. First of all, it's not entirely compatible with the official Geforce drivers, and it crashes. A lot. I'm letting this one go since it's not KDE's fault, NVIDIA won't...