1. S

    Is it possible to install any Linux operating system on an XBox Series X/S?

    Greetings! My name is Raffaele, I am a fan of anime, manga, music and a bit of technology too. I'll try to briefly explain why I'm contacting you: My adventure with Linux has now started since 2022 (if I'm not mistaken), after upgrading my PC (Lenovo IdeaPad 3) to Windows 11, I immediately...
  2. P

    Install ANY distro on Xbox One S

    I interested in install ANY Linux distro on Xbox One S.Is there any way to do this? :) if I have any problem in Grammer I apologize because English is not my first language.
  3. superboy2k6

    Custom GUI for Linux

    Hey a linux noob here! I was wondering if it was possible to create a custom GUI for linux so that it would look like a console style GUI. Are there specific tools for this? Do those tools require complete knowledge of linux? Can I also edit the splash screen image on boot up? It would be good...