wifi cards

  1. S

    Cannot connect to Wi-Fi on Kali Linux

    Hello! I am posting this thread because I am curious if anyone has experienced or is currently experiencing the same issue as I am. I downloaded the Kali Linux live USB image from Kali.org on my Intel MacBook Pro. I can browse the internet perfectly fine on my main operating system (macOS), so I...
  2. bug_hunter

    Wifi 6 AX201 Not Working on Parrot OS

    Hi, Bought a new laptop with configuration: My wifi ( Device-1: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 driver: iwlwifi) is not working with internal Wifi card and working with an external adapter it is not damaged (works with windows 11) and I am stuck with this for 2 months. OTHER QUESTIONS: Is Bluetooth...
  3. M

    Configur wifi adapter for Kali linux

    Hello everyone. I installed kali linux on the Dell 13 that has wifi card Killer 802.11 by default. In the Setting i dont see menu for configuring a Network. I knew it would have happened. So i bought additional USB wifi adapter "AC650 Wireless Dual Bend" that should be compatible with kali, but...
  4. D

    WiFi problems on Parrot OS

    Hi everyone I'm having some issues with the Wifi connection on Parrot OS. My computer is a Desktop PC with a ax200 wireless card from Intel and from what i saw, it shouldn't be supported before Linux 5.1 kernel (i have 5.4 version). The lshw command says that the card is unclaimed which I...
  5. U

    Realtek RTL8821CE support

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on linux.org, I'm glad to join the linux community ! :) I have a HP Pavilion laptop embedding a rtl8821ce chipset. As you may know, the linux kernel does not ship a dedicated driver for this WiFi card so I'm using this out-of-tree module...
  6. winku

    Compatibility question re: Linux and WiFi cards

    Hi – I have two computers I would like to set up for WiFi connections: Optiplex 3010 and Optiplex 780. I think a card will work better than one of those “Dongles,” but I can’t tell which cards to order. The card has both to fit a slot in the computer and be compatible with linux. (I use Mint...