virtual host

  1. persi

    Solved There is any way for config virtual host on wamp to open my site like as

    Hello, I have two questions: I wana test my website offline on pc using wamp and mobile connected to wamp , so my questions : 1- I want to open my website for testing with the internet address of, I was able to get a test in the form of with the following method...
  2. C

    Can't detect Rpi in virtual machine when trying to connect to a mosquitto broker

    I am setting up a MQTT architecture in my local network whose broker and one client are on a Rpi and another client is on a Parrot OS virtual machine (VM) located in a PC. The broker and the client of the Rpi work properly but when I try to connect the VM to the Rpi's broker by mosquitto_pub -h...
  3. J

    Https not redirecting on apache 2 virtual hosts (SSL by certbot)

    Hello everyone, I have my pi running debian buster. I set up a cloud with the subdomain and a website as I installed SSL using certbot. It seems all to be working except that if I type it doesn't rewrite to All other...