1. B

    Making programs available for multiple users in Kali Linux

    I'm new to linux plaform. I use Kali Linux 2021.3 Vmware version. I downloaded TOR browser to default account which is "kali". But I created another user, and I need to use TOR browser in that user. How can I make TOR browser available in the second user?
  2. BoringZombie

    How can I install programs for a single user instead of it installing for both?

    I want to install some programs just for one user and not both.
  3. R

    Program permission clarification

    Hi all, recently ive been using ngrok (a tunneling program) to expose my local ubuntu 20.04 minecraft server. For security purposes I decided to create a dedicated non-sudo user to run the minecraft and ngrok process. the problem though is when i try to launch ngrok i get this message...