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    USB modem not being assigned a tty

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I have a Huawei usb modem E8372h - 153, that I want to unlock. I am trying to send an AT command via minicom. Almost all the solutions that I have read rely upon the modem being assigned a tty. The problem is that my modem is not being assigned a...
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    USB Wifi Not Working [Ubuntu 20.04]

    Hello, We've recently moved, and the desktop my kids use is no longer accessible to ethernet. I've got an old Anewkodi USB Wifi adapter I'm trying to get working. Based on reading other threads, I've tried adding the multiverse and universe repos, and installing `rtl8812au-dkms` (and rebooting...
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    [SOLVED] What is "usb-storage" process?

    I saw that there are processes called usb-storage programs running in task manager. Does anybody know what is it, what it does? Does killing it affects usb devices which is currently active? Such as swap devices?
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    Why USB Mobile Modem works only on USB-HUB and seemed as SCSI driver & reseted frequently?

    I have a USB mobile modem that I connect it to USB-HUB with 4 ports. When I looked to it by using lsusb, it shows that : Bus 008 Device 010: ID XXX:YYYY Huawei Technologies Sometimes connection errors occures with it and when I looked by using dmesg it says : [ 1712.511790] usb-storage...
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    Partition Tables won't write to USB Stick

    Hi, Recently one of my USB Drives became unreadable according to GParted. None of the partitions show up and it doesn't mount to Ubuntu Desktop 20.10. I've tried all the command line tools under the sun that I know of but nothing, the partition table "writes", but never mounts. I reload the...
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    Using a USB device to boot, and run a Linux OS from

    Hi I have a very low-fi laptop; an HP Mini 5103, that I intend for casual use (internet, Word, and Excel at the most). The current OS that is on it is Windows 10, and whilst I don't really mind Windows 10, I am afraid that it might be a bit too resource heavy for the 5103. From what I have been...
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    usb device management

    I would like to ask is anyone know about USB device management product that is used for Linux or Mac os. USB management is mainly used to control and monitor peripheral devices to prevent data theft and data loss. For example, you can create device whitelist, monitor or block the device, or...