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    Timeshift GUI login won't authenticate

    Using Rocky Linux 9.2. Installed and am using Timeshift. Seems to be working - snapshots are being created on the schedule I asked for. If I click on Activities and select Timeshift it tells me authentication is required to run as superuser. I give it my superuser password and Timeshift...
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    Timeshift backups to NAS at home and to my laptop drive when on the road

    I am running PopOS 22.04 on my MacBook Pro 2015, and having received some help from the linux community am now productive on it. Things feel snappier than under the old MacOSX, but I have not timed anything. I have a question about how to organize my time shift backups. Since I am running EXT4...
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    How (and specifically from where) to prune Timeshift backups of large unwanted items (e.g., 400GB Steam folders)?

    As Timeshift (which is the only reason I can still use Arch with my limited expertise) doesn't allow you to specify folders or subvolumes to exclude, I run into the problem of an 80GB Steam download effectively becoming 160GB or so once it's backed up. I can always re-download a game, but this...
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    Ubuntu 20.04.01, full disk encryption, btrfs, & hibernation?

    I am trying to install *Ubuntu 20.04.01 on my desktop with full (or almost full as Tj puts it) disk encryption including encrypted swap partition that allows hibernation, and btrfs. The last few years I am using ManualFullSystemEncryption but even being careful to make sure I do not turn my...