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    Solved Systemctl - sysctl - systemd

    Hi! I have seen many ways to manage services in Ubuntu. Such as Systemctl - sysctl - systemd - /etc/init.d scripts and so on. Some of them seem to work always, whereas some not. ¿What is the difference among them all? Thanks!
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    Convert Old script file to systemctl

    I want to convert this old script file to .service file which is used by systemctl. I have converted as much as I know, but I am getting error code 1 whenever I try to start the service. #! /bin/sh ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: daemonsync # Required-Start: $remote_fs $syslog #...
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    Is 'active (exited) Since <date> 2 minutes ago' a correct status for SAMBA?

    Hey I am new to linux, and I just set up openmediavault distro. It's a distro with FTP server, web server, SAMBA server.... It's in my old PC, I can ping it from windows pc, I can ping windows PC from that. I can access it trough HTTP (port 80), the web panel. I can also connect to it by SFTP...