1. D

    ssh stops responding, processes and load average are growing to the roof.

    As in the subject line. Redhat 7 - one server from time to time stops responding to ssh. The server still pings and is quite responsive but Processes are growing e.g. 1900, the load average: 1596.82, 1589.61, 1571.18 What I noticed we are flooded in /var/log/messages with: kernel: audit...
  2. vs2-free-users

    Quick Start Guide Setting up SSH Key Authentication on a rootserver

    Quick Start Guide Setting up SSH Key Authentication on a rootserver - You create an SSH key on the local computer ssh-keygen -b [Key strength] -t [Key type] Example: ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa - Next you copy your public key to your server scp ~/.ssh/id_[Key type].pub...
  3. L

    About sshd_config file

    Can we manage multiple ssh config files in same system
  4. S

    Problems with OpenSSH and SystemD

    Hello, I'm getting an issue, I'm trying to setup a reverse ssh tunnel in a systemd service,tho when launching it i get an ssh 255 Excep and Host key verif failed. However when running the command in my terminal it works normally. Here is a bit of info: My ssh command /usr/bin/ssh -vvv -N -R...
  5. V

    Linux SSH session getting stuck

    Hi, Am currently having a ubuntu 16 server. The server should be monitored and if it is idle for 10 min then it should stop. For stop I have done some scripting. The problem that I'm facing is that, I am calculating idle timeout by w command. In order to kill the ssh session which is idle, I...