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  1. Fanboi

    Looking for "e-Jay"-alike Software [Solved]

    After just wasting the whole of yesterday (and another couple of hours on the forums because I saw some topics that piqued me, my bad), I'm at a loss. Audio production seems to be divided into 2 categories: 1. High-end professional knock-offs 2. None at all I kid ya not. Literally every program...
  2. Lx_pollywog

    Newbee virtualization set-up. What do you think ?

    I wish my start screen was a simple os options panel like 'virt-manager' where i choose my activity. Is there such a thing as a ready made Linux Os or set-up specially conceived for virtualization similar to this description : My set-up plan : 1-One base stripped-down OS only used for...
  3. Lasnik

    Command line library for GUI

    I installed Debian via the minimal-net installer without any GUI. But now I want to make one myself :D So are there any Java (this would be better) or C libaries that can help building a simple GUI in the command line?