1. mobulos

    SinusBot Multiscript

    Hey guys, I just want to show you my SinusBot Script. With this Script, you can install 30 SinusBots at the moment (No limit after inquiry). The script is in German, but I'll do an English Version when there is enough demand. You can run the Script via Or have a look at my GitHub I'm working...
  2. M

    High Level Scripting Tool for Linux/Bash

    Hi As a Windows Administrator is PowerShell my thing. To write script am I using "Windows PowerShell ISE" (see link).
  3. LordTrell

    beginner bash writing

    Hello! i am new to bash, need assistance with a script for some assignment:... A shell script to list out the contents of any directory, and indicate for each file (including invisible ones) whether the file is a directory, a plain file, and permissions such as executable ect i can list out...