1. A

    Solved LMDE 6 Crashed On Startup

    I recently installed LMDE 6 on my desktop. Yesterday, I updated the system from the update manager. After the update was finished, the manager said to reboot the system. Upon reboot, it failed and went into the TTYL mode. I cannot get out of this. Attached are photos of what is shown on the...
  2. Chiff

    Where are Keyboard Shortcuts Kept?

    Hi, What file are all the "Keyboard Shortcuts" that I add kept in and where is the File so I can keep a backup of my Custom made Shortcuts. Thanks.
  3. P

    Fedora Bluetooth not working

    Before you start repeating tasks that I have already done: Laptop specs: What was I doing when the bluetooth stopped working: These are the commands I run to try to figure why the bluetooth wasn't working, but couldn't do it, apparently... dmesg | grep -i bluetooth [ 6.122500]...