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    Authentication timed out, RTL8xxxu

    I'm working on a small ARMv5 notebook from 10 years ago. It has the WonderMedia WM8650 cpu, running at 600MHz. My idea here is to make it run a very lightweight Linux with a very basic but useful GUI and nothing else. Its pretty useless for most use cases, but I wanted to "have it working", and...
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    rtl88x2ce driver installed twice wlan0 and wlan1. I wanna remove one

    Please I'm having a lot of trouble with wifi driver. My pc is dual booted with parrot os and windows 11. I'm having trouble with the wifi driver. The net gets to 0kbps after 2-3 min for 20 secs. Facing a lot of problem during video calls. Please help me!! It's really frustrating...
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    So sound from speakers | Realtek ALC287

    Hey, I have a Lenovo Legion 7i and sound card codec package doesnt support. So i must use Windows :( What can i do about the matter?
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    Realtek RTL8192FU support

    Hello, everyone! I'm really glad, I finally join you. I've used Linux (ubuntu/rhel/arch) for several years now, but I've never been somewhat active on any forum or. It's my first post here, please, don't judge me hard. Enough about me) The issue, I'm experiencing. Few days back I've bought a...
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    How to Install wifi drivers in Fedora with amd hardware

    I have lenovo ideapad 330 ryzen 5 with 8gb of ram, now tell me how to install wlan drivers in my laptop. I checked wireless hardware it shows as realtek
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    Network no workee

    Hello, all, a question that can hopefully be answered here as I am rather new to Linux but an EE so I do know enough to be dangerous. After assembling a new system, I have no access to the outside world. The OS sees that there's a network (wired) connection but no communications. I've read...