1. T

    Cant connect Raspberry Pi 4B to Netcup Server (Linux) over Openvpn

    Hello, I have a tricky but actually simple problem. I would like to run traffic from and to a Raspberry Pi through my Netcup server. So network traffic as well as web traffic. My Netcup server has an identifiable address and can be pinged everywhere. I want to have this on my Raspi too. For...
  2. R

    Raspberry pi Temperature Monitor

    Hello, I am looking for a way to set up a grafana panel so that it displays my raspberry pi's temperature. Is this possible ? Any help would be appriciated. Thank you
  3. k4ir0n

    Is it possible to run x86-64 Linux VMs on ARM64?

    Case: I want to install an ARM64-based GNU/Linux distribution on Raspberri Pi 4, model B. After that, I want to install KVM + qemu to import a VM I created on AMD64. That VM runs Debian 10.4. Question: Is it possible to run AMD64 (or x86-64, the name you like) VMs on ARM64?