raid 1

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    How to Install Pop!_OS with RAID 1?

    I am RAIDing due to the desire to avoid as I can single point failures in my system. I know the RAID is not a true backup, that it halves the available memory, that it doubles overall wear and tear, and it negatively affects performance a bit. Nevertheless my decision is to RAID, so please avoid...
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    Hardware RAID 1 not recognising full capacity of disks

    Hi, this is my first post on an online forum. Any advise/ point in right direction is appreciated. I have a HP Z8 G4 workstation with 2x 6TB HDDs and 1x 1TB NVME SSD (with Ubuntu 20.04 installed). I have configured hardware RAID 1 in BIOS using OROM and which successfully (pre OS) recognises...
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    Copy-on-write error correcting file systems

    I have been using BTRFS RAID 1 for data and meta-data with two hard disk drives for a while now. This set up is on my network storage server. My desktops simply runs ext4 (not a fan of LVM yet). I am using two 1TB HDD totalling 1TB capacity (no surprises as using RAID 1); if I was to add...