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    SPF not working

    Hi! I am running Postfix and I have set this SPF record in my DNS hosting in "": "v=spf1 include:<public_ip> ~all" Where "public_ip" is my public IP. I am running Postfix from inside a VM with its own internal IP. The command issued is: echo "Message body" | mail -s "Subject"...
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    Localmail missing for root

    Hi, I have a running installation of Postfix and it's working locally. However, I find some strange issues. If I run this as root: echo "mail body" | mail -s "test mail" root I expect to have mail as root user. However, If I run "mail", the system says: No mail for root I haven't any...
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    Dovecot doesn't sort mails in folders

    Hi! I'm setting up a Postfix + Dovecot mailserver. Once Dovecot is installed, I edit "/etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf" and set this directive as follows: mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir Upon restarting dovecot service, I send an email and I expect to have a folder named...
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    Postfix install problem with Debian

    Hello! I'm trying to setup a postfix installation in Debian. In the first attempt, I skipped by mistake the initial configuration screen, and I want to re-run it. I run dpkg-reconfigure postfix then it shows the initial config screen with the options to choose from. However, I can't move...
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    Postfix without TLS/SSL?

    Distro: Ubuntu Server 16.04 I installed Postfix to send mail from my Ubuntu Server to my local relay server. My local relay server only supports plaintext SMTP authentication on port 25. I know it's not really secure but it's what I have to work with for the moment. Is it possible to have...
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    Problem with DKIM and Postfix

    Hello again, the problem I have is with DKIM with 2 domains and 1 domain works correctly.. All the configuration files that I have touched are here I will put 2 reports one of the email that run perfectly. you can see in the 2...