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    Mapping paths/Windows paths compatibility

    Hello, I've tried to find information about it, unfortunatelly it does look like a big issue. Im working with different people and they are using windows to work. We all use dropbox to synchronize our files. To make sure our paths are the same in all softwares, I've found workaround on windows...
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    [SOLVED] "Command not found" unless I export its path

    Hi. I'm using Linux. I navigate to the directory where the command is, and I call it. I get the "Command not found error". If I export its path, I can call the command with no problems. ¿Why doesn't it work if I'm located in the exact directory? Thanks!
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    Terminal shows a warning while installing: Not on PATH - how to fix? (SOLVED)

    I am trying to install "youtube-dl" and this warning is shown in my command line: WARNING: The script youtube-dl is installed in '/home/linuxmint/.local/bin' which is not on PATH. Consider adding this directory to PATH or, if you prefer to suppress this warning, use --no-warn-script-location...