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    PAM script login / disk formatting

    Hello to all ! I'm coming to you for help with a personal project In a few words : When opening the Ubuntu session I would like a script to be activated when a user enters a wrong password The script should run for example after the 3rd try and if the 3rd try is wrong, a partition or...
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    PAM auth info

    Greetings. Can I somehow get info about authorized by PAM user? Idea is to check his group and allow some functionality in program. I have already reading MAN but cannot found anything similar. Thank you
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    su issues for non-root user if SELinux is on

    Hello, I have a common user on my RHEL 7.6 server and when SELinux is off, su command works for it. But when SElinux is on, su command doesn't work anymore. In the PAM sources I found that a special command unix_chkpwd is used to check the password if SELinux is on. This command has a code...
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    Questions about PAM

    Hello, I was wondering about PAM. If I add in the common-passwd file (in /etc/pam.d) the module cracklib (password policy), it applies on all services that use PAM right? So when I make a "adduser XXX", I notice that indeed, the module is well loaded and my password policy applied. I just...
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    Linux Smart Card Login Configuration

    Hi all, I'm working on trying to configure my CentOS 6.3.1 system to use a smart card for authentication. I've done some research and am a bit confused on how to properly configure the appropriate PAM files to enable the smart card feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jason