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    small scale framework to work instead of using linux kernel

    I need to modify networking layers in Linux kernel. As you know, there are a lot of codes in "net" directory, most of them similar to IPv6, bluetooth, etc. do not use in my system. I have several questions: 1- Is it possible to reduce/delete the code in the net directory that they are not used...
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    How to find related /dev/ device file given DEVPATH in event handler

    I am running openwrt, have minimum software installed. When I plug keyboard device into the router, it launches hotplug event, executing the script for add/bind. I can know usbhid device is being attached, and its DEVPATH. The keyboard must have /dev/hidraw* device for it, which then I can...
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    TCP performance for OpenVPN vs delay

    I have got some issue in TCP performance depended on delay. My lab schema: CPE --- (p1) Router (p2) --- Server The CPE connects to the Server by OpenVPN using TCP. I know about TCP-over-TCP but TCP proto is mandatory! Next I do series of network benchmarks through the OpenVPN tunnel. Series...