1. blackneos940

    Help With OpenJDK and Minecraft?..... :3 Part II, Revenge of the Error..... :3

    So I can confirm that this issue is oddly mostly specific, both to the X205TA, and in particular, Lubuntu, and not on Windows 8 or 10, which were previously on this Device..... :) Basically, I'm having trouble loading (but not installing) both Optifine 1.12, AND Forge 1.12 Clients on...
  2. blackneos940

    Help With Minecraft And OpenJDK.....? :3

    Hello everyone!..... :3 Today I come to you with a new problem!..... :3 So this involves Minecraft, my ASUS X205TA, and OpenJDK!..... :3 I have the latest version installed, according to java --version and apt-get 's autocomplete thing..... :3 When I start Minecraft, the Launcher...