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    Putting an End to Ecommerce Sites and Payment Processing Companies

    For those of you who remember my other thread "Make the Web Great Again", I had mentioned a handful of corporations have been trying to monopolize the web for years now. One way they've been doing that is through ecommerce sites. Just to be clear, I don't have a problem with ecommerce in and of...
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    Will Email and Delivery Companies Ever Phase Out the Post Office? Why or Why Not?

    I don't have a problem with the post office per-se (I used to have a great relationship with this one mailman before he took a different route), but we're at a wierd time period where it may need to exist anymore. Email doesn't cost anything to send, and can appear in someone's inbox in a...
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    Using MPlayer (or any player) to listen to online radio.

    Hello. I do intent to use MPlayer (or any other player if Mplayer shows troubles) to listen to online radio. I read somewhere that you have to locate the audio file in the webpage's source code, however I was not able to do so. The I am currently using this webpage to listen to the online radio...