nvidia drivers

  1. S

    Can’t re-install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu20.04 after Purging nvidia-*

    I recently purged nvidia-driver(sudo apt-get remove --purge '^nvidia-.*') as it conflicts with the app I wanted to try. Now I want to re-install the driver so that I can run GUI in my docker container. Before I did anything, I run dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia, and it gives the following ``` ii...
  2. Catalin

    Nvidia - Bumblebee - Optimus - Prime - Envycontrol

    Hello again Linux community! <3 :D I have successfully installed MX Linux Xfce edition on my family's laptop. (this time Debian Stable as Manjaro was not a good option) Since it's being used in a very conservative fashion, only for e-mail, office, web browsing and occasionally some Youtube...
  3. L

    Manjaro LXDE Hybrid NVIDIA&Intel drivers not working.

    Hi all! I just distrohopped from RebornOS to Manjaro LXDE, and the graphics drivers are being sort of wacky. I've been screwing with Manjaro for the last few days, trying to figure out why the drivers are being weird. It has me kind of mad, since on other distributions, I've NEVER had this bad...
  4. W

    Screen blinks after sleep

    The screen of my Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 (AMD Ryzen 5 4600H (NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB/120Hz Refresh Display), 82EY00UAIN ) starts blinking once I turn it back on from sleep mode. I have dual boot with Windows 11 and Ubuntu 20.04, I face this problem only while I am using Ubuntu. Restarting the laptop...
  5. S

    My graphics card not giving correct resolution(1920x1080) on every linux distribution

    So, I am relatively new to linux and I have on 2 occasions installed both zorin os and linux mint. Both of them give me low resolution 1024x768 My graphics card is gtx 560ti and the driver i have is of propietary nvidia-driver-390. I dual boot this pc with linux mint and windows. For the...
  6. D

    Gtx1060 + xanmod kernel

    Hello, so I am trying to get my Gtx 1060 drivers to work. I'm not sure why they aren't working, i have secure boot turned off.. All i did was install a custom kernel called xanmod. I heard its a good custom kernel so i want to try it out, but everytime install it just makes my nvidia drivers not...