1. A

    Nobara isnt booting from USB.

    I have 2 usb's. i flashed the nobara installer with rufus to usb 1 and it worked perfectly. When starting the installation i choose to delete entire disk for the os and i also chose the no swap memory option. The installation went perfectly and installed withot error. It told me to reboot but...
  2. N

    Nobara OS can't be booted after successfull installation

    H! I have just installed Nobara on my PC, because I've heard it is great for gaming and everyday tasks. I downloaded the .ISO file from the website and created a bootable usb stick with balena etcher, and booted the installer on my pc, the usual way. Everything worked out fine, I went through...
  3. super_user_do

    Your experience with Nobara 36

    Hello everybody :) Have you guys already tried Nobara 36? The Gaming-Focused Linux distro, fork of Fedora and developed by GloriousEggroll What's your opinion?
  4. T

    Issue with Nvidia Driver message. [Nobara] And I can't seem to get rid of it.

    I've installed Nobara once before, and installed it without an issue. Then I ran into the issue here: It keeps showing up ever time i log on, even though i installed what it asked me too. I even went ahead and installed things from the Nobara Package Manager: I installed everything i could...